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No Show Socks - Non Slip Heel Grip & Flat Toe Seam (3 Pairs)

Light Gray- 3 Pairs
Black- 3 Pairs

    These Socks will Never Slide: Intelligent 5-point heel design with silicone grip ensures that these socks will never slide into your shoe.

    Soft, Breathable and Durable: Our high thread count combed cotton is the most comfortable material you'll ever wear on your feet.

    Cushioned Bottom and Elastic Arch Support: These look like no shows but feel like premium running socks.

    Included: 3 pairs of No Show Socks and 1 Mesh Washing Bag.

    80% Combed Cotton/ 15% Polyester/ 5% Spandex

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Great socks

    I wear size 10 shoe. The socks fit perfectly. They are not to tight, not to loose, and are very comfortable. They do not slip down at all and the material is very soft. I think the uniqness of the heal pocket construction combined with a piece of silicon that cross the back of my heal is very effective in preventing the sock from slipping. I am replacing a competitor sock that tries to fix the slipping problem by making it a tight fit on my foot. Their solution causes discomfort with my toes. I will be buying these again!

    Wished these came in medium size...

    I wear a 7 in women's sneakers and was searching for a pair of no show socks that wouldn't slip when wearing my Converse All Stars. Because these were made for men and only came in one size, they were a bit big for my foot. However, I did try to make them work (by shifting them around and in place), with hopes that they'll also sshrink a little after they're washed. But for now (right out of the package), the material seems soft (just wished they were thicker). The socks also have areas where it clings more to the foot (like the mid section near the arch) and it also has a small silicone patch material glued to the inside of the back heal of the socks, to keep it from slipping down. With that back patch, it could also possibly create somewhat of a back of heal cushion for shoes that aren't as comfy in that area. I was just expecting the fabric material overall to be thicker where it would cling more to my overall foot, but the material is soft and the size was bigger than expected. So each time I go to put them on, I'd have to make these adjustments to the socks so they'll fit right with my shoes in order for them to work. My Converse is also white, so the beige color doesn't really match as much as I would like. Because of that, I'm still debating on whether I want to return these or not.

    Hi Melody, Thanks for the feedback! We just launched a slightly smaller version that's black. We'll send an email to discuss swapping these out. Thanks, Steven


    They work!

    My socks are great! They do not slip off my heels. I would only wish that they would be white, not loving the cream color.


    These socks are incredible. Usually my socks roll and fall almost immediately. I worn these for the entire day and they didn’t fall. Finally a product that meets and exceeds the claims.