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Steven Bell, a 24-year-old Vermont native, started Skyba in June 2016. Steven has been entrepreneurial his entire life and created several ventures including his first e-commerce business at the young age of 13 and an electronics liquidation business at 16.

He graduated from James Madison University in 2015 then immediately enrolled at Antwerp Management School where he attained his Master’s in China Europe Business while attending classes in Antwerp, Belgium, and Shanghai, China.

While living overseas he visited numerous factories and created samples that soon became the first pair of Skyba socks. He is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the sock industry and enjoys researching new knitting and yarn technology as well as analyzing market trends with industry experts. He has big plans for Skyba and expects to add several new products including hiking and running socks within the next 6 months. Steven currently travels around the world visiting factories, Trade Shows and exhibitions on a mission to create your next favorite pair of socks!


Skyba was founded by Steven Bell in June 2016. The company is best known for their first product, Non-Slip Socks, which are highly ranked and have been successfully selling on their website and for over a year.

The company recently launched No Show Socks for Men in August 2016. These revolutionary socks use premium materials, modern knitting machines and a unique heel stitch to create the most comfortable socks on the market with a guaranteed no slide design. Utilizing a direct to consumer business model allows Skyba to maintain these high-quality standards at a reasonable price point. 

As of August 2017, Skyba remains wholly owned by the original founder, Steven Bell, with no external funding or investors. Skyba has no full-time employees however the company works closely with about 8 independent contractors. Skyba socks are currently selling in the US and UK with plans to expand across Europe in 2018.


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