'Stay Put' No Show Socks (3 Pairs)

Invisible all day comfort with a heel that never slips.

Once and for all, eliminate the one-foot-hop to reposition sliding socks. Buttery soft cushioned cotton with a breathable mesh vent and snug arch support makes the perfect everyday companion.

Includes 3 pairs of No Show Socks. 80% Combed Cotton/ 15% Polyester/ 5% Spandex

Happiness Guarantee

We're so confident that you're going to love your new No Show Socks that we offer a 100% lifetime happiness guarantee. Love your socks or we'll buy them back. Anytime and for any reason, it's just that simple. 

Discover the Difference

All day comfort with a heel that never slides. Achieve that "sockless" appearance with the soft cushioning and hygienic benefits of premium athletic socks. The perfect everyday companion for your sneakers, shoes or loafers. 

Customer Reviews

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Robert Luna (Lockhart, TX)
Ultra lightweight

These socks are the greatest!
They’re extremely lightweight and comfortable and confirm to my foot perfectly.

Incredibly comfortable socks

These are really high quality 'invisible' socks. Wearing these with trainers or shoes gives the appearance that you're not wearing any socks, but with the comfort and hygiene that you are.

These are among the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. The bottom is made from a thicker material than the top. This gives a breathable sock that doesn't get sweaty, yet is incredibly comfortable to wear. There's also a tiny bit of silicone on the back of the heel that you can't feel when wearing them, but it simply stops the sock moving around.

Both me and my teenage daughter have worn these socks and we both love them.

They were also shipped with a mesh wash bag. This helps to keep one person's socks together for the entire washing and drying process, so pairing socks after washing them is much easier.

Linda Davis (Long Beach, CA)

Was amazed socks actually stretched beyond my size 11 toes. Would be better if I had a choice between black and white.

Lorelei (Federal Way, WA)
No Show Sock Stays in Place

SKYBA No Show Sock design eliminates the one-foot-hop to reposition sliding socks.
No Show Socks have returned to my wardrobe, thank you!

D H (Allen, TX)

Very happy with socks I have purchased from skyba socks before and they last a long time and retain their shape..I will order from them again.

Barbara Rose (Cleveland, OH)
My new “Go To and “Gift To” socks

I love these socks! I’ve had three pairs for awhile now. I wanted to have some experience wearing and washing them prior to my review.

I’m happy to say they got 5 stars out of the box for soft touch, innovative design and —spoiler alert! — “surprise gift” packaging. And they still get 5 stars. Why? Because they do what they say they are going to do! They’re soft, seamless, don’t slip down the heel, don’t rub and seem to be standing up under quite a bit of use, wash and reuse.

I think I’ve probably washed them 6-8 times since I’ve had them. Can’t tell the difference. Importantly, the silicone-ish tab on the back of the heel — that keeps them from slipping — is still the same consistency as when they were new.

I use them for walking - not great distances, but regularly. Aside from previously having frequent difficulty with “no show” socks slipping down into my shoe, I have “problem feet”. I’ll spare you the full list of 6-7 “issues” I have with my feet, let me mention one of the more problematic ones. I’ll skip the Latin name and just say that I get blisters very easily anywhere there is excessive friction on my feet. And I mean anywhere, heel, top of toes, bottom of toes, between toes, under calluses, under toenails. It is obviously important to me to have soft, seamless non-irritating socks.

But you don’t have to have all those annoying problems with your feet. Get them and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the pleasure of wearing comfortable socks. Forgot to mention that I shopped around a bit and have tried other “special” socks — in stores and on-line. Most of them were crazy expensive — one and a half times the cost of these or more —and substantially less comfy and effective.

Vanessa Sc (Vancouver, BC)
Little loose but otherwise perfect.

I just got my socks, and they feel very comfortable, soft, padded on the bottom, cute. The only downside is that they are a smidgen too big for my feet... I'm an 8.5 or 9 shoe size and I wasn't really expecting that issue, especially because I ordered the ladies socks. That's why i rate 4 stars out of 5. I haven't washed them yet but from what I'm reading, that can help. I kind of have to spend a bit of time to make them fit right in my shoe because instead of bunching up at the front... they bunched to the back. Otherwise they are everything I wanted. That being said, I wore them 2 days in a row and then wore a pair of my old socks... within 40 minutes of leaving my house both my socks were close to the toes of my shoes. So i ordered 3 more pairs because i do really like the socks... Hopefully they will do a size 6-8 and a size 9-12 or something like that.

Amazon Customer
Comfortable All Day

Great and comfortable all day no show socks. Wear them with my Cole Haan ZeroGrand Oxfords. Love them! Had small hole in one pair, and Skyba was great sending new pair no charge.

Carol C. (West Hartford, CT)
Socks for the Men in my Family

These socks are gifts for my husband, my son and my son-in-law for Christmas. They haven't worn them yet, but the packaging was amazing. Three pairs of socks came in a washing bag inside a plastic Skyba bag. Presentation was excellent.

Eric Kooper

Already repurchased these, great fit