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Skyba Non Slip Socks for Women- Grips for Yoga, Barre & Pilates- [2 Pairs]



"I absolutely love these socks--they stay on during my very active Dailey Method classes." -Sabra (

"These are wonderful! Bought them to keep my mother from slipping on the wood floors. They are comfortable and wash well." -Cheryl (

"Awesome Pilates socks. Fuzzy, grippy and functional! Will definitely order again" -Marti (

"Love the socks and the service!" -Gwen (

Thousands of happy customers (and repeat customers!)

Non slip socks have become a necessity for high end exercise studios including Barre, Yoga and Pilates. Buying just any old pair of grip socks can cause headaches, severely hinder your progress or even become outright dangerous!

This soft, comfortable and durable pair of socks features dozens of silicone grip dots for increased stability and traction. Wear them at the gym, as slipper socks around the home, during maternity leave or even as a replacement for those inferior hospital socks.

Comfortable and built to last

Skyba Socks are padded from toe to heel and provide comfort and cushioning with every step. The included heel tab to protects the lower ankle and prevents the socks from slipping when worn with shoes.

Unlike some yoga socks, this rubber grip material covers your foot from toe to heel and provides traction in any pose. We even increased the size of the dots to maximize grip coverage. No more slipping while doing the plank!

These grips are made using the best materials and gripping techniques possible. We spent months personally visiting factories and perfecting the manufacturing process. Our socks have been stress tested, wash tested and will not lose their grip during your day to day wear. 

Comes in 3 sizes for the perfect fit

With non slip socks, fit is more important than ever. A poorly fit sock will cause more slipping and sliding than simply going barefoot.

Skyba Non Slip Socks come in three different sizes and include an elastic arch support ensuring a snug and secure fit that won't twist or slide with use. If the socks don't fit properly, let us know and we'll swap them out for another size. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these socks made of? These socks are made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex

Why not cotton? There's a reason high end athletic socks are never made from cotton. Our polyester blend material is comfortable, moisture wicking and fast drying. These socks will keep your feet dry, protected and blister free. Polyester is also much more durable than cotton, bamboo or other organic materials. These socks are designed to be worn during even the most intense workouts. No more holes, tears, stretching or shedding!

What size should I get? 

  • Small- women's shoe size 5-7/ kids' 3-5.5 
  • Medium- women's shoe size 7.5-9.5/ men's 6-8
  • Large- women's shoe size 10-12/ men's 8.5-10.5

What's Included? Each pack includes 2 pairs of Women’s Non Slip Socks and come with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee.

Where do the socks ship from? All of our socks are shipped from a warehouse in the US and will arrive within 3-5 business days.

Why Skyba? We spent months at the factory perfecting the manufacturing and gripping process. These socks are durable, reliable and designed to last. Plus, all of our socks come with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee.

Return your socks for any reason within 1 year of purchase and receive a full refund- no questions asked. 

Small UPC: 863949000346

Medium UPC: 645964999986

Large UPC: 863949000353


Improve Balance During Exercises

Anti skid material covers your foot from heel to toe and provides traction in any pose

Perfect for Every Occasion

Wear them as slipper socks around the home, on trips to the gym or even as a replacement for hospital socks

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied for any reason- return the socks for a full refund - add to cart now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Look, I'm going to be blunt and fair about this. Although I'd like to keep the two (2) pair of Skyba socks I purchased recently, I'm skeptical about the second pair I used in my Pilotes' class this past week. I'm also concerned about the first pair now that I washed them ----according to the instructions. Perhaps some shrinkage took place.

One of the socks making up this second pair literally slipped off my foot during a floor exercise. I had to stop in the middle of this exercise in order to pull it back up and straighten it out. To me that's a waste of time;and I don't appreciate having to adjust a sock while attempting to achieve a workout! After all, in Pilotes one has to go at a certain pace in order to achieve a means to an end.

The first pair are okay. I really didn't have any problem with either sock making up that pair. I washed them according to the instructions: use cold water only and lie the socks flat for drying. I hope this first pair does not pose any problems now that they've been washed. (I have yet to wash the second pair---will be doing so on 9/30/17.)

Perhaps a Medium size may be small for me. I already explained to you via an inquiry e-mail, before purchase took place, that I take a size 9D (D is a wide width). Perhaps the sock slipped off, because a Medium size may be a bit small for me. I don't know for certain. Yet a Large size may be too big for my feet and slip off on both feet instead of just one.

As said before, I'm skeptical about the socks. At this point, the best I can rate the socks would be three stars.

Very Comfortable and Great Grip

Great grip for yoga or other activities where you don't want your bare feet in contact with a surface that's walked on by others. The sock is very comfortable.

Five Stars

Just perfect. Nice quality. Would buy these again when needed.

great socks from a great company

I love the fit as they come up over the ankle and do not slip around and seem to stay put for pilates. I try to go barefoot , but I just can't do it.. I bought them to use on my Fit Board that I keep in the office and makes keeping an extra pair of workout shoes there unnecessary. They grip just fine and I feel safe in them.

Love the socks!

My mom is diabetic and doesn't like shoes. She is in a wheelchair also. These were great for her to wear! She is able to get a grip when standing but also be comfprtable.