Vapor-Rx™ Waterproof Socks (1 Pair)

Designed for Extreme Outdoor Activities

  • Vapor-Rx™ Membrane is 100% Waterproof and Breathable
  • Exceptionally stretchy material creates a close and comfortable fit that won't interfere with shoes or boots
  • Naturally antibacterial bamboo lining kills bacteria keeping your feet fresh and odor free
  • 3 layer insulated design regulates temperature in both hot and cold weather

100% Happiness Guaranteed - Or Your Money Back

Includes 1 Pair of Vapor-Rx™ Waterproof Socks

Lab Tested and SGS Certified

After extensive testing and design modifications we have finally created the ultimate waterproof sock designed for extreme weather conditions. Lab tested and SGS certified, we're confident that these socks will keep your feet dry, protected and blister free.


We stand by our products 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem we'll solve it, refund it or replace your order. Just reach out to our customer service team and we'll do whatever it takes. We're here for you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great socks

Nice socks. This is the third pair of waterproof socks I have used, all from different companies. I like these the best.

Keeps feet dry

It fits pretty good keeps your feet nice and dry


They work! I wore these socks out in the rain all day and my feet stayed dry. These socks are definitely breathable and I didn’t feel my feet sweating at all. The material is different than normal socks but overall very comfortable.

Sock it to me comfort

We’ve experienced a very wet winter so far, so I ordered the Skyba 100% Waterproof Socks for myself to keep my feet nice and dry. The socks fit well, and I like them so much, I like to wear them even during dry days. They are not only warm and comfortable; they provide additional reinforcement around my old, tired feet. As a matter of fact, at the end of the day, my feet do not feel as achy as they do when I wear other regular cotton socks.

The only drawback is that the inside lining feels a little abrasive and sometimes the socks omit a crumbling sound, other than those shortcomings, I would recommend them.

In addition, the socks are made up of a Bamboo/ Polyamide blend. I was unfamiliar with polyamide and, as such, conducted some research and my Google findings are below.

“Polyamide doesn't have any known harmful effect on the body, but it is not the most hygienic to wear in very hot and humid environment. In tropical weather conditions it is not comfortable and can give rashes to the skin if the person who wears it doesn't stay mostly in air conditioning.”

Best socks ever

I'm 83 yo male. These are the best socks ever, especially as I age and love to walk every day and I've been searching for true comfort when I do. So I've tried many socks. Thank God I found these. They (the socks) do not wrinkle on my feet, they are VERY comfortable, I wear them EVERY day, (and night when my feet are cold in bed), and walking has never been more pleasurable. I just purchased a second pair, and want more. Yes, they are not inexpensive. But as far as I'm concerned, I will never wear (or purchase) another sock, so they are well within my budget. Thank you!